AAA - Algebraic Algorithms and Applications
Pisa, 30/3 - 1/4 2017

30/3 Thursday Session 1. Chair: Alicia Dickenstein

11.00 Opening salutations 11:10 Stephen M. Watt Algorithms for Symbolic Polynomials. (teleconf.) 11.50 Henri Lombardi A pseudo-matrix approach to Prüfer domains. 12:20 Teo Mora “Once upon a time...” 13:00-14:30 Lunch break

Session 2. Chair: Gert-Martin Greuel

14.30 Alicia Dickenstein Towards a multidimensional Descartes rule (but still far away). 15.10 Rob Corless, Bohemian Eigenvalues. 15.40 Anna M. Bigatti A brief history of Gröebner Bases (with CoCoA). 16:20-16:40 tea & coffee break

Session 3. Chair: Dominique Duval

16.40 André Galligo Computer algebra applied to steady waves studies. 17:20 Barry M. Trager Determinantal ideals from Newton’s identities in characteristic 2. 18:00 James H. Davenport Patrizia Gianni and teaching me/us about solutions. (teleconf.) At the end: apericena (wine & cheese / cicheti / tapas)

31/3 Friday Session 4 Chair: André Galligo

9:00 Carlo Traverso (Birthday) greetings. 9.10 Bruno Buchberger Gröbner bases and Macaulay matrices. 9.50 Federico Pintore On the discrete logarithm problem for prime-field elliptic curves. 10:20 Daniel Lazard FGLM, a cornerstone in the history of Gröbner bases. 11:00-11:20 Break 11.20 Dominique Duval From AXIOM down to IMP. 12.00 Tomás Recio Automated Reasoning Tools in GeoGebra. 12.40-15:00 Wall tour and lunch break.

Session 5 Chair: Tomás Recio

15.00 Gert-Martin Greuel The development of SINGULAR - driven by problems and applications. 15.40 Samuel Lundqvist Boolean ideals and their varieties. 16.10 Mariemi Alonso An effective version of Hironaka's Henselian division. 16:50 Christian Eder Current Challenges in the Development of Open Source Computer Algebra Software. 17:30 Matteo Trager Algebraic methods in vision. ------------------------------------------ 19.15 leaving for San Rossore 20.00 Social Dinner at Ristorante Poldino.

1/4 Saturday Session 6 Chair: Teo Mora

9.00 Alessandro Logar On a family of quartic surfaces of P³. 9.30 H. Michael Möller The construction of multivariate polynomials in case of perturbed zeros. 10.00 Giovanni Gronchi An application of Gröbner bases theory to a problem of Celestial Mechanics. 10.30 Fabrice Rouillier Selected applications using effective (real) algebraic geometry. (cancelled) Akhmadjon Soleev Algorithm of local resolution of singularities of an algebraic curve. 11.10 Algebraic algorithms in industrial applications 2015-2025 (Panel; tentative participants: Buchberger, Galligo, Greuel, Rouillier.) 12.20 End of the Conference